Jona, 34, is a mother to three children in Iloilo, Philippines. Jona and her husband, Romel, work hard to raise their children. Two of their children, Kaithlyn and Kenlie, receive Rise Against Hunger meals via partner International Care Ministries’ Home-Based Feeding Program. Prior to receiving the meals, Jona’s family primarily ate vegetables, including “lupo,” a local vegetable that grows on rice lands. 

JONA, 34

When Jona had the funds, she would purchase fish for her family to eat. Despite her life’s challenges, Jona hopes for something better for her children. She is optimistic that the Rise Against Hunger meals will help Kaithlyn and Kenlie reach a healthy weight. “I am so thankful for these meals,” she says.


“I am so thankful for these meals,”


Cilicourt is a sixth grader at the St. Mark School in Tremesse, Haiti. Cilicourt receives Rise Against Hunger meals six times a week through our partner, Hands for Haiti. In his free time, Cilicourt likes to play football with his friends and is even a member of the school football team. Last year, his team won the championship, and he believes that the Rise Against Hunger meals helped his team achieve the win!

Cilicourt shares that the meals make him stronger, faster and more eager to learn. In the future, Cilicourt dreams of taking his education to the next step and going to a university to become a doctor.

"Your support is doing wonders in my life"


Ali lives with his family at a Catholic Relief Services center for leprosy located in Sakoula, Burkina Faso. His story is similar to many who are forced to leave their communities after contracting leprosy.

After 20 years of treatment, Ali has been cured of leprosy, although it has left him without the use of his fingers and toes. Fortunately, now Ali and his family receive Rise Against Hunger meals at the center.

ALI, 53
Burkina Faso

He explains that for people with his disabilities, it is very difficult to carry out consistent income-generating activity to provide for a family, and the meals have proved invaluable. Ali shares, 

“Their donations give us the hope to live longer and work to build a better future for our children.”